New Arrivals: PSA 8 Mox Sapphire, Unlimited Black Lotus and more FBB Dual Lands!

Highlight: Unlimited Black Lotus and Beta Moxen



The highlights of this week look a lot like the highlights from last week, but there are a few fine differences that will be interesting to collectors:

First, we have a graded Beta Mox Sapphire (PSA 8) as well as two other Moxen from Beta: Mox Pearl (LP) and Mox Ruby (LP).

Second, we got 6 of the Power 9 cards in Unlimited: Black Lotus (PL), Time Walk (PL), Ancestral Recall (LP), Mox Emerald (LP), Mox Jet (GD) and another Mox Sapphire (LP).



FBB Dual Lands and Wheel of Fortunes in French, German and Italian

We've got each single FBB Dual Land (and Wheel of Fortune) in each of the three different languages available: French, German and Italian! 









Arabian Nights and Italian Legends

You can now buy another beautiful EX The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale from Italian Legends.



Not only that, but there are also a few new cards from Arabian Nights back in store:




New Week, New Foils

We are selling many different new high-end foils this week. They are available now, until a lucky customer takes them home!

The very first card that we need to mention is a NM Imperial Seal (Judge Reward Promo)! After that looker, we've 4 Rishadan Ports (PL - EX) from Mercadian Masques and one City of Ass (GD) from Unhinged.

The other foils this week are:



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