Huge Restock: Unlimited Black Lotus, Beta Ancestral Recall, RL Cards, Foils and Duals

After our Black Friday Sale, we did our best to restock as fast as possible, and the result is a massive New Arrivals update (178 new cards). We hope you have time, because this New Arrivals post is a long one! 

Christmas is around the corner, be sure to get the right cards for your loved ones now.

Highlights: Beta Ancestral Recall and Unlimited Black Lotus

We are starting with some Power 9. And not only that, but we even start with a Beta Ancestral Recall in Good condition!

Next is Unlimited Power: Black Lotus (PL), Mox Ruby (PO), Time Walk (LP) and Timetwister (EX)

If you are already thinking about getting some Unlimited cards, make sure to also take a look at the two non-Power cards we've got for you this week: Natural Selection (EX) and Icy Manipulator (PL).

AA: Antiquities and Arabian Nights

This week, we have over 15 high-end cards from Antiquities and Arabian Nights for you. If you are an admirer of the Mishra's Factory (Winter Edition), get it while you can!


Arabian Nights


    Double Feature: Legends & Italian Legends

    This list will be a bit shorter than the previous, but man, there are great cards in it. Just take a look at the conditions of that Karakas and Eureka! It's always amazing to see such great cards in so good condition.


    Italian Legends

    Run, You Foils!

    Our foils this week are breathtaking, in quality and quantity. Not a good idea to wait on these, since many are in English and in fantastic shape. We'll organize them in colors, try to keep up! 








    Dual Lands? Yes.

    It wouldn't be a big New Arrivals update, without at least some Dual Lands. This time, some Dual Lands will mean exactly 15 Dual Lands, including fabulous FBB Duals!


    Foreign Black Bordered

    Foreign White Bordered


    A Story of The Dark Three Kingdoms

    Three red Blood Moons (GD - NM) shined bright, illuminating the Capture of Jingzhou (GD) while the two Imperial Recruiters (LP - GD) watched from The Dark.


    More High-End Reserved List Cards

    What's more to say? The list is short, but all the names on it are pure nostalgia! Get yourself one of these remarkable parts of Magic's history while they are still fresh:


    Packs to Crack

    We are at the end of our huge New Arrivals update. Be sure to check out our Cardmarket or CardTrader (for international shipping) page for everything else, since these are “only” the High-End cards that fell through the cracks.

    Oh right, packs to crack: Last but not least, we've 20 new Sealed Urza's Legacy Boosters, in case you are feeling lucky!

    New arrivals