New Arrivals and September Sale: Black Lotus, Graded Alpha and More

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Highlight: Unlimited Black Lotus and Others

Another week, another Black Lotus! This time we got an Unlimited Black Lotus (PL) for you as well as two other amazing Unlimited cards: Timetwister (PL) and Time Walk (PL)

As you can already tell from the picture below, not only Unlimited cards made it into our highlights! From Antiquities, we got a beautiful Near Mint Mishra's Workshop and Candelabra of Tawnos

Following these jaw-dropping announcements, we are going to finish our highlights with a Library of Alexandria (PL), a Beta Gauntlet of Might (LP) and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (GD)

Would You Like Some Graded Alpha to Your Highlights?

If you are into collecting graded cards, then take a good look at our new Alpha cards that came in this week:

Honorable mentions from non-Alpha sets are Stoneforge Mystic (CMG 8) from Double Masters and a Triskelion (BGS 9) from Antiquities.


Secret Easy Way to Collect MTG Cards

The easiest way to collect full sets of Magic cards is buying them straight from us! Almost every week we have new full sets for you in store, and this week is no different. This time we have: 


And a Secret Easy Way to Collect Sealed Product

Same as our full sets, we offer new sealed products for you on an almost weekly basis. New this week:


That's It, Folks!

We don't have any more new announcements for you this week, but if you are still looking for that sweet single card for your collection, make sure to browse our SALE category. You can also always check out our huge selection of High-End Foils as well.

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