New Arrivals: Black Lotus, Beta and Unlimited Singles

Highlight: Beta Black Lotus

We were almost running out of Black Lotus to sell, but not today! Our freshest member of the group is a Light Played Beta Black Lotus. It's looking for a new owner, maybe one who can keep its current condition save? 

More Beta Where That Came From

The Beta Lotus wasn't alone in that old shoebox, there were plenty of other Beta cards as well:

One card was sticking out of these Beta cards and it wasn't the Black Lotus (Okay, okay... it was ALSO the Black Lotus). There was also an Excellent Alpha Earthbind among the Betas! 

Limited, Limited And Now Unlimited

That's right, we are taking the whole trio for a walk today! Next in our list of newcomers are cards from Unlimited and there are some very fine specimens among them:

      Arabian Nights & Italian Legends

      We've a few single cards from Arabian Nights and Italian Legends. They are very much worth their own chapter in this week's New Arrivals book:

      Arabian Nights

      Legends Italian

      What About Revised and Reserved?

      Now there are exactly four Revised cards in our New Arrivals package as well as two Reserved List cards. They are very well worth it, esepcially those Duals look fantastic:


      High-End Reserved List

      New arrivals