New Arrivals Drop: Pro Tour Jace, Revised Duals and High-End Foils

Highlights: Pro Tour Jace

THE highlight of the week is a Pro Tour Jace, the Mind Sculptor (NM). This non-foil card was awarded to every Pro Tour participant in 2023 as a "Secret Lair Prize". The Top 16 even received a foil version.

We will probably see more of these popping up during the year, so stay on alert if you need a full playset of these bad boys! 

    Another Highlight is a full art Mana Crypt from Double Masters in EX condition!

      Stay a While and... Look at the Sparkles

      We are going to stay in Legacy terrain for a while and show off some more foils! They are all pretty damn worth it to be mentioned at the top of our blog, so here we go:

      English Foils

      German Foils

        Never Running out of Dual Lands

        Most of you know this by now, but we get new Duals every week. This time it's mostly Revised again, some in Near Mint condition! Have a look:


          And of course we have another Wheel of Fortune (PO) from Revised as well! If you are looking for all the Revised cards in a bundle without the Duals, then we have good news for you: We are also selling a Full Set Revised in various conditions with no Dual Lands! 

              Big Restock: High-End Reserved List

              We are ending our New Arrivals Drop with High-End Reserved List cards and we are very happy to inform you, that many staples are back in store:

              English High-End Reserved List

              German High-End Reserved List

              Italian High-End Reserved List

              French High-End Reserved List

                Oldest Cards Last

                We are ending our New Arrivals Drop with the oldest cards of the bunch. This time these are a Jayemdae Tome (PL) from Unlimited as well as a Willow Satyr (EX) and a Karakas (GD) from Legends. Last but not least, from Italian Legends comes a Mirror Universe (EX).

                There's a bit more though! We got some fine German Foreign Black Bordered cards too:

                New arrivals