New Arrivals: Double Feature

Everything in Doubles

This week everything comes in doubles: We have double Vintage cards, double Dual Lands, double Foils and double High-End Reserved List cards! 

Double Old School

We start with our two Vintage cards. These are an Unlimited Berserk in Played and a Tawnos's Coffin from Antiquities in Good!


Double Dual Lands

You know how they say: Two Duals is still better than no Dual! And for Commander you are only allowed one of a kind anyhow, so this might be perfect for your deck! They are: One Revised Volcanic Island (GD) and one German FWB Scrubland (GD).


    Double High-End Reserved List

    The Duo Reserved List cards are a Near Mint Serra's Sanctum as well as a German Survival of the Fittest in Poor.


    Double Foils

    The last category of our New Arrivals Double Feature are the Foils! Here we have two wonderful cards: One Mox Diamond from From The Vault in Near Mint and a Palinchron in Good from Urza's Legacy! 

    Slow Walk on the Dual Lands

    This has been a smaller New Arrivals Drop, but no matter how small the Drop: You can always count on us getting you the Duals Lands you need! This time it's a bigger mix of Revised and Foreign White Bordered Lands.


    Foreign White Bordered

    New arrivals