New Arrivals: Beta Mox Ruby, Alpha Lions and Bazaar of Baghdad

Alpha and Beta Highlights

We are starting the new year how it should: With sweet cards from Alpha and Beta! The highlights from Alpha are a Copy Artifact and a Savannah Lions, both in Excellent condition. Then there's also an Alpha Cockatrice and Dragon Whelp, also Excellent! 

From Beta, we have a loved Mox Ruby (PO) as well as a Sol Ring (LP), Lightning Bolt (GD) and Pirate Ship (EX). 

    Unlimited, Arabian Nights and Legends

    Let's see what else is new for Old School! We have three Unlimited Berserks for you in different conditions (PL, LP, GD).

    Then there's of course the Bazaar of Baghdad from Arabian Nights in Light Played as well as two late Falling Stars (LP, NM) from Legends.


    First Duals of the Year

    We are starting into 2024 with a total of 28 new Dual Lands for you! The highlights are of course the Unlimited Duals!

    This time most of them are from FBB and FWB, not from Revised as it's the case most weeks. Great time to get some black bordered cards if you want to pimp your decks! 



    Foreign Black Bordered (German)

    Foreign White Bordered (German) 

      Legacy and Vintage Staples

      We got some great cards for you from the High-End Reserved List this week. All ahead are four City of Traitors (LP, GD) in Japanese! They are followed by two English copies of Survival of the Fittest (LP, EX). 

      The last card is not a Legacy or Vintage staple, but it belongs in our High-End Reserved List category nonetheless: The Sliver Queen (EX)! 


      New Year, New Sparkles

      First of are two playsets of foils! One of them are four Japanese Squee, Goblin Nabob (GD, EX) and the other one are four altered German Unmasks (LP, GD). 

      Then we have another Mercadian Masques card, this time a Brainstorm (LP), as well as a foil Judge Promo Demonic Tutor (GD) and an Ensnaring Bridge (PO) from Seventh Edition.

      All our other High-End foils of the week are English Lands:


      Sealed Product and One Rarity

      Our last products of this New Arrival Drop are a German Fourth Edition Starter Deck (Sealed) and a Harper Prism Mana Crypt (PL). 


      New arrivals