New Arrivals: Unlimited Power, Signed Library of Alexandria and Cradles

Highlight: Unlimited Power Nine

It's only the second week of the year, and we already have a new, almost full, set of Unlimited Power for you! There's a Timetwister missing, but let's be honest: Nobody straight up buys a full set of Power, right? Right?!

Affordable Black Lotus

It all starts with a Poor Black Lotus, but the grades get better from then. There are three Played cards (Mox Jet, Mox Ruby and Time Walk) and one Light Played card (Mox Sapphire).

Power Nine in Good

Then there are three Good Power pieces (Ancestral Recall, Mox Emerald and Mox Pearl)! The Emerald and the Sapphire also have slight rollerlines, but that doesn't stop them from ramping! 

    Arabian Nights and Legends

    First comes Arabian Nights

    No Antiquities this week! Let's start with Arabian Nights, which includes some real bangers (just like every week).

    First, we have a Signed Library of Alexandria (PL) for you, followed by a regular Shahrazad (PL).

    Then we have three Near Mint cards: City of Brass, Ali from Cairo and King Suleiman himself!

    Prepare for the Legends

    Up next, we have Legends, with a few really great picks! There's a total of six Near Mint cards in here, which is totally mind-boggling. The first one is a Signed Near Mint Chains of Mephistopheles! Let that sink in

    The five Near Mint Legends are: 

    Such rockstars! And then we have non-NM peasants: 

    Time to "Thruel"?!

    Sorry for that horrible pun, we only have three Duals this week. Two of them are at least Black Bordered! That means a Bayou (GD) and a Savannah (PL) are from German FBB. The only Revised Dual Land of this drop is a Light Played Savannah.

      Time to Wheel?!

      There's also three Wheel of Fortunes this week, what a coincidence! Two of the Wheels are NM Revised and one of them is a Played Wheel of Fortune from FBB.

        High-End Reserved List Cards

        This category has been hijacked by the Urza's Saga club! Brace yourself for the glory days of Premodern: 


        Metal Foiling

        There's only foil Artifacts this week! Maybe the other foils are afraid of the mighty P9 we showed off before? Anyhow, there's a foil Phyrexian Dreadnought (GD - Judge Reward) and a foil Chalice of the Void (NM - Kaladesh Inventions).

        And then here's a serialized Retro Artifact Staff of Domination from Brother's War in Near Mint! (Don't hit your brother with that one) 

        New arrivals