New Arrivals: Graded Tabernacle, Judge Wheel of Fortune and many High-End Foils

Highlight: EG 8.5 Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale


This week our undisputed highlight is a beautiful 8.5 by European Grading The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale! It's from Italian Legends, but that doesn't stop this looker from being the best Stax piece you can play! 

What else is new from Legends?

Well… actually, only two other cards from Legends made it into our New Arrivals Drop. They are both in English, unlike that gorgeous Tabernacle.

It's a Mana Drain in Light Played and a Eureka in Good! 


    Time for Alpha

    There's burn written all over our Alpha cards of the week! Get yourself a Light Played Fireball for your Old School deck, or why not five copies of Red Elemental Blast for your sideboard? Better be safe! They are all in Played or Light Played condition. 


    Dual Lands and Wheel of Fortunes

    The weird couple is back: We are pairing the Wheel of Fortunes again with our Dual Lands, can you guess which we got more of? Well of course it's Duals, so let's get the Wheels out of the way first! 

    There's one Played Wheel of Fortune from Revised as well as one Played Wheel of Fortune from Foreign White Bordered in German. That's it! Now get ready for the Dual drop:

    Unlimited Dual Lands

    International Edition Dual Lands

    Revised Dual Lands

    Foreign Black Bordered (German) Dual Lands

    Foreign White Bordered (German) Dual Lands

    Foreign White Bordered (French) Dual Lands

    30th Anniversary Dual Lands

        Reserved List Staples

        There's a few more High-End Reserved List cards than there were last week, so for everyone that missed out, here are them RL cards:

        Kaladesh Inventions and more Foils

        There are many new foils this week, with the majority being Kaladesh Inventions! Let's take a look at them first:

        Kaladesh Inventions

        Judge Promo Cards

        Then we have some really fantastic Judge Reward Promos for you, the craziest being a Wheel of Fortune in Good. What a card! 

        The others are a Demonic Tutor (Version 1) in Excellent and even an Imperial Seal in Near Mint! 

        Old-Border Foils

        It wouldn't be a New Arrivals Drop without some Old-Border Foils! This time they are almost all from Urza's Destiny, with some exceptions:


        So many Foils

        The rest of our foils are a wild mix of incredible staples. First off, we have a full playset of Double Masters Force of Wills in Near Mint. They are quickly followed by an Eternal Masters Mana Crypt (EX) and a Mox Diamond from From the Vault: Relics in LP.

        The last foil of the week is also one of the youngest: A Sheoldred, the Apocalpyse (Version 2) in Near Mint from Phyrexia: All Will Be One. 

        MTG Rarities

        The two special cards of this week's drop are a Sol Ring (Version 3) from Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth and a Harper Prism Mana Crypt (Version 1).

        New arrivals