New Arrivals: FBB Booster Packs and Power

New Magic Cards in Stock

German Black Bordered Booster Packs

Finally, Foreign Black Border Boosters are back in stock again. In case you are collecting sealed booster boxes, we also bought two sealed booster boxes.

Foreign Black Border was released in 1994 and contains the 10 duals of Revised with a black border. Just gorgeous!

You find the full card list of the set here

There's French FBB dual lands too!

Printed for French players, but now in decks all around the globe, are the French FBB duals you can put your hands on now.

They fit nice in every Commander, Legacy and Old School deck and are considerable cheaper than the German versions.

Old School Highlights ready for you

Talking about Old School Magic, we restocked a couple Power Nine pieces. Mox Jet - Beta, Mox Ruby - Unlimited, and Ancestral Recall - Unlimited are new additions in the shop.

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