New Arrivals: Lots of Revised Duals, Full Set of Italian Legends and more

Highlights: Revised Duals, a Full Set of Italian Legends

More Dual Lands!

Almost 40 Revised Duals from PL to NM are back in stock. Those lands are the core of every competitive Commander and Legacy deck.

They are by far the best lands to fix your mana in multicolored decks. For the collectors out there, we have the Near Mint and Excellent copies to complete your sets.

You find the full card list of the set here.

Magic the Gathering Dual Lands from Revised

There are other classics on the way…

Among the best cards from the 1994 released set Legends are Moat and The Abyss. Both Enchantments are great cards against creature decks and highly collectible. Furthermore, we acquired older goodies like multiple Wheel of Fortunes, a Lion’s Eye Diamond, a Mana Crypt as well as many others.

Looking for an Old School commander?

In addition to Moat and The Abyss we also bought a Near Mint Full Set of Italian Legends! If you want to own the full set with all its colorful legendaries, check the store for more information.

Full Set of Italian Legends

A home for misfits

We added a bunch of more misprints to the shop as well - you can find them in the category MTG Rarities. The misprint highlight of this week is a Meditate from Tempest with another white card on the top.

New arrivals