New Arrivals: Beta Power, Beta Duals and Sealed Craziness

Highlight: Beta Power Nine Pieces

It's a smaller New Arrivals Drop in quantity this week, but there are a lot of big cards in there! The start is made by five Power Nine cards from Beta, almost all Played and all still looking pretty fine:


    Close Second: Beta Dual Lands 

    How about a Beta Volcanic Island (PL, Inked) as a second highlight? Or any of our other new Beta Duals that came in this week:


    Sealed Fortunes

    For collectors, we got something pretty neat today! There's five Sealed Booster Boxes from different sets waiting to be invested in:


    Tiny 93/94 Update

    There's only three high-end cards (besides Duals and Beta cards) from 93/94 that made it into this week's New Arrivals:


    More Dual Lands

    We are not done with the Duals just yet! First are two cards from Foreign White Bordered, a German Tundra (LP) and a French Volcanic Island (PL).

    Then we have a bunch of SIGNED Revised Dual Lands for you, very cool:

    Only of our Revised Duals is not signed, which is a Played Plateau


          High-End Reserved List

          From the H-RL we got you two Lion's Eye Diamonds (EX + NM) and two Grim Monoliths (German NM + English GD). Then there's a City of Traitors (GD) and a Survival of the Fittest (PL, Signed).

          And for practical reasons, we'll also include an MTG Rarity here: A French Harper Prism Mana Crypt (Version 1, EX).


          Foils, Foils, Foils

          We have again a really sweet collection of foils for you to choose from:

          There's a Mindbreak Trap from Zendikar (NM), two different Judge Reward Tutors (Vampiric Tutor and Demonic Tutor - EX) as well as a Jeweled Lotus (NM, German) from Commander Legends and a Force of Will (NM) from Double Masters!

            Our other OG foils are:

            New arrivals