Free Shipping & New Stock: Sealed Revised Starter Deck, Full Sets of Mirage, Stronghold and more!

Highlights: Revised Starter Deck, Highend Foils, Alpha/Beta Singles

Before we start with this week's New Arrivals, we have great news for you: During the whole month of June 2022 all our orders from our high-end store over 341 EUR (that's approx. 370 USD) ship worldwide FOR FREE! Treat yourself and check out this week's New Arrivals!

We are very happy about our sealed acquisition this week, so we are going to start our New Arrivals post with it: A Revised Starter Deck from 1994! As you can see on the pictures, it's good as new and ready to be... played!(?)

Our other highlights this week are all about foils and we got a few really special ones to show you today: First off is a stunning City of Brass from the Junior Super Series! After that, we got a Near Mint Foil Tainted Pact from Odyssey as well as an Excellent Memory Jar from Urza's Legacy. Excellent is also our German Diabolic Intent!

It's not a proper New Arrivals post without some cards from Alpha and Beta, so here we go! From Alpha we got for you this week: Animate Dead, Giant Growth, Gloom, Llanowar Elves and Terror. And from Beta we have a Berserk and an Ice Storm

Before we are continuing with our other highlight, we also got a very nice looking Demonic Tutor and Natural Selection from Unlimited waiting for you right now! 


"Foiling" Around All Day

If these weren't enough foils for you, we got some good news coming your way. War of the Spark released some great Planeswalkers, but the real eye-catchers were the Japanese Alternate-Art Planeswalkers! We got three of them this week, and they are all in foil as well:


Who Needs Singles If You Can Have Full Sets

We are having a great selection of Full Sets for you this week, and they are all in EX to NM condition! If you are getting tired of buying and collecting each single card, then these are for you. We got a full set of Weatherlight, a full set of Tempest, a full set of Stronghold, a full set of Mirage and a full set of Exodus in store for you right now!

If Full Sets is what you are looking for, we got even more than these listed in our shop! 


Back to Singles

We are having many single cards back in stock for you and there are honestly too many cards to list them all right here, but we'll try our best! 

Arabian Nights


Urza's Saga

Alright, with these out of the way, we can concentrate on the rest of our singles: We have a stunning Survival of the Fittest from Exodus as well as an Earthcraft and Intuition from Tempest. On top of that, we are adding another Lion's Eye Diamond to our collection and a Korean Mox Diamond


No Dual Lands?

The picture probably already spoiled it, but we are having again a great selection of Dual Lands for you this week! It's not as diverse as in other weeks, but it sure is a fantastic selection.

From Revised only, we got for you 4x Badlands, 4x Taiga, 3x Bayou, 3x Scrubland, 2x Savannah, 1x Plateau and 1x Underground Sea!

As you can see, they are all in a wonderful condition, ranging from Light Played to Near Mint.


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