New Arrivals 21: BGS Unlimited Duals, Beta Psionic Blast, Foil City of Brass

Highlights: BGS Unlimited Duals, Beta Psionic Blast, Foil City of Brass!

This week we are concentrating a bit more on Dual Lands as well as the Beckett Grading Service (BGS). Beckett Media has been around since 1984 and they only started their authentication service in 2016, specializing in sports cards and autograph authentication. Since then Beckett Grading Service is considered one of the leading authentication businesses considering trading cards. 

That's why we are very happy to present you with four Unlimited BGS 9+ Dual Lands: Tropical Island, Volcanic Island, Underground Sea and Plateau! They are all in a wonderful condition and secured by the iconic "hard-plastic tamper-evident cases" we all know. 


Non-BGS Highlights

In addition to these wonderful lands, we can offer you this week with a Beta Psionic Blast as well as some very nice high-end foils! As you've already read in the title, that means a foil City of Brass, a foil Dark Ritual and a foil Tainted Pact.


You get some Duals! And you get some Duals, everybody gets some Duals!

We are not joking around when it comes to Dual Lands. Remember the time we had about 40 Revised Duals? Well, this time we can offer you an additional NINETY (90!!!) Revised Duals on top of many FBB and FWB Duals! *mic drop*


More Beautiful Singles!

Like you can see on the picture, this week's New Arrivals is not over yet. Besides all these beautiful cards we already mentioned, we got even more for you: 4 Lion's Eye Diamond, 2 Intuition, 1 Mox Diamond, 1 Survival of the Fittest and 1 Yawgmoth's Will

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