New Arrivals: Power Nine for Old School Players, Treasures from Portal Three Kingdoms

Highlights: Power Nine from IE and CE, Portal Three Kingdoms

Old School players should pay attention. This week's new arrivals consist of a couple of International Edition and Collectors' Edition Power 9. Also: Portal Three Kingdom rarities and a Japanese Alternate Art Narset, Parter of Veils.

Perfect fit for your Old School deck

Grab them quick, they are a perfect fit. We just got a couple of very highly sought after Collectors' Edition and International Edition Power Nine pieces for you.

Not just one but four copies of Black Lotus (2 from IE and 2 from CE) and Timetwister, a couple of Ancestral Recalls, and a Time Walk are among the newest arrivals. Oh, also a couple of Mox Ruby, a Mox Jet and a Mox Emerald.

New High End Magic Cards 2022 03 02

Revised Duals Restock

Dual lands from Revised are never online for long. They move so quick, they might be gone if you blink. Check out what's left here.

Treasures from Portal Three Kingdoms

Who do you want to lead your next Magic game? Here are a couple of rare leaders from Portal Three Kingdoms. Pick one or more. We won't judge:

Japanese Alternate Art Planeswalker

We think this is just so gorgeous! Narset, Parter of Veils V1 from War of the Spark in the Japanese Alternate-Art in Near Mint. Just one in stock!