New Arrivals: Full Sets, Duals, Time Walk, Timetwister and more!

Highlights: Full Set Tempest, The Dark & Urza's Legacy! 

We've got our hand on three full sets, as well as an International Edition Timetwister and a Time Walk. To round that package up, we restocked a bit on Dual Lands and other single cards!

Full Sets of Tempest, The Dark and Urza's Legacy

New in our stock are a full set of Tempest, a full set of The Dark and a full set of Urza's Legacy. If you weren't lucky enough to collect the cards back in the day, today is a great time to add them to your collection!

New Arrivals - Week 8 - 2022

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

If you need more time, we've got you covered! Newest members in our stock of beautiful oldies are a Time Walk and Timetwister from International Collectors' Edition.

Pretty Singles in Your Area

Other notable arrivals are Near Mint Survival of the Fittest and Earthcraft as well as Near Mint City of Traitors. On top of that, the man himself: Tetsuo Umezawa together with a beautiful foil Sensei's Divining Top.

Even More Duals

Additionally, we added new Dual Lands (Plateau, Scrubland, Badlands and Volcanic Islands) to our collection. There are plenty in stock in case you require more of these powerful lands.

Last But Not Least

Our last honorable mention goes to a beautiful foil Ertai, the Corrupted (2nd Version). What an amazing and exclusive older card! 

New arrivals