New Arrivals: Alpha Simulacrum, Mox Diamond From the Vault, Moat, Power Artifact and more!

Highlights: English Moat, From The Vault Mox Diamond, Alpha Simulacrum

This week we celebrate diversity with a lot of different great cards from various sets. To start, we have a GD Alpha Simulacrum as well as an English Moat. If bling is what you need, then maybe our new Mox Diamond (EX) From the Vault might be exactly what you are looking for! 

On top of these Classics, we got a blue Duo from Legends for you: Power Artifact (EX) and Transmute Artifact (NM)! 

Number Five Lives!

We can also present you with exactly 5 copies of Lion's Eye Diamond from Arabian Nights and Time Spiral from Urza's Saga. Not exactly the definition of diversity, but what a coincidence!

Arabian Story Time

There once was an Old Man of the Sea (LP) who lived in the Diamond Valley, near an Elephant Graveyard. One night, he was attacked near the Singing Tree, by a big Guardian Beast. The old man had to flee, and found refuge in the Library of Alexandria (PL).

The Legends themselves

We got a lot more cards from Legends as well as Antiquities. From Legends we can offer you a Living Plane, Mana Drain, In the Eye of Chaos, Invoke Justice, Rasputin Dreamweaver and Tesuo Umezawa!

Wait, what about the Duals?

Of course, there are Dual Lands in this week's New Arrivals! From Revised we have Badlands, Bayou and Plateau. We also have new FWB Duals: Bayou, Plateau and Tundra

New arrivals