New Arrivals: Alpha Sinkhole, Playsets Zendikar Expeditions, Judge Promos and a lot more!

Highlights: Alpha Cards, Zendikar Expeditions, Judge Reward Promos and Foil Daze

We are starting this week with some cards from Alpha, but that's by far not all we got for you this time! Some excellent Alpha Islands made their way to our store, as well as three Sinkholes AND three Nettling Imps

Now that we got going, we can take a look at the next highlights: Four playsets of Zendikar Expedition Fetchlands! We got Polluted Delta, Misty Rainforest, Scalding Tars and Flooded Strand, and they are all in EX to NM condition! As far as playsets go, we also got a full playset of Foil Dazes

You want more highlights? Well fasten your seatbelt because we got three beautiful Judge Reward Promos waiting for you: Argothian Enchantress, Demonic Tutor and Yawgmoth's Will.

This is too obvious, surprise me!

Well, guess what, we got something that you maybe didn't expect: The Ultra-Pro Puzzle Cards! We can offer you piece 1, 3 and 5 from the Black Lotus and piece 5 of the Chaos Orb. 

Surprised? No?! Maybe our sealed products from this week can make up for it. We are selling Theme Deck Boxes from 7th Edition, Exodus, Traitors of Kamigawa and Invasion. If that's not enough Invasion for you, you can also get a full Japanese Invasion Booster Box now! 


What's better than Grated Cheese? 

Graded cards, and we got some for you today! Starting with two GD Gilded Drakes (CMG 7), we are jumping over to Legends with a Falling Star (BGS 7.5) and a Stangg (BGS 9). Last, but not least, we are also selling a graded Misty Rainforest (CMG 9.5).

Less Plastic, More Cardboard! 

These singles are not graded but still very worthy high-end cards to mention: First we got a Sliver Queen from Stronghold, Intuition from Tempest and City of Shadows from The Dark. After that we have another Lion's Eye Diamond, a Mishra's Factory from Antiquities and a Mana Matrix from Legends! 

We are ending this week's New Arrivals with... Duals! As always, our supply of Duals doesn't stop and we can offer you new ones from Revised: Badlands, Tropical Island, Underground Sea and Volcanic Island

New arrivals