New Arrivals: Black Lotus, Unlimited Moxen, Beta Lord of Atlantis, Foil Shivan Dragon and many more!

Highlights Part 1: Moxen, Timetwister, Ancestral Recall and Dual Lands

We are going to have to split our Highlight section this week into multiple parts since there is SO much! Starting with every Mox: Mox Sapphire (GD), Mox Jet (LP), Mox Pearl (LP), Mox Emerald (PO) and Mox Ruby (LP). We also got an Unlimited Ancestral Recall, Timetwister, Copy Artifact, Chaos Orb, Wheel of Fortune and more!

Apart from the Unlimited cards, we can also offer you two Lord of Atlantis from Beta as well as a Fastbond


Highlights Part 2: Invocations & Inventions

After these oldschool cards, we can present you again with some Amonkhet Invocations and Kaladesh Inventions! 

Amonkhet Invocations (all Near Mint):

Kaladesh Inventions (all Near Mint):

Highlights Part 3: International & Collector's Edition

From Collector's Edition, we got a fresh Black Lotus as well as a NM Taiga and NM Scrubland. From International Edition we also got Dual Lands in the form of two Savannahs and one Badlands. In addition to these lands, we can also offer you an International Edition Ancestral Recall!

Enough With the Highlights, What Else is New?

Foils! We got many, many new foils. First we got Judge Promos: 5 Wastelands and 4 Lightning Bolt. The Lightning Bolts are even signed! Then we got a bunch of Foils from Seventh Edition: 

Foils from Urza's Destiny:

Foils from Urza's Legacy:

Other Foils:

Do You Have Any More of These... Highlights?

 Yes! We have, for example, 6 new Gaea's Cradle (Signed, not signed, Japanese, German, French or English). Lastly, we can present you with a Mana Crypt from Double Masters, a from "From the Vault: Relics" Mox Diamond and Pact of Negation from Future Sight! Oh and some cards from Arabian Nights: Drop of Honey, Library of Alexandria and Diamond Valley.


We hope you enjoyed this week's New Arrivals and if not, make sure to visit our store page for more cards and subscribe to our Newsletter for weekly updates! 

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