New Arrivals: All WCD Decks 1997-1998, Juzam Djinn, Revised Dual Lands

Highlights: Demonic Tutor, Juzam Djinn and Mana Crypt

This week's highlights are an Unlimited Demonic Tutor (GD), a Juzam Djinn (PL) from Arabian Nights and a beautiful Harper Prism Promo Mana Crypt (Version 1) in Near Mint. 

Oh! And we also have a playset FBB Italian Birds of Paradise for you! 

World Championships are Over

We were lucky enough to get a few of the most powerful decks for you. If you ever wanted to feel like a champion and love gold bordered cards, then you'll be very happy to hear that we are selling the full World Championship Decks from 1997 to 1998:



Just Give Us the Duals Already!

Like every week, we can offer you a new supply of Dual Lands. This time the majority is from Revised, with a few exceptions being FWB.

These exceptions are: 


The Revised Dual Lands are the following:


If you are looking for more than just Dual Lands and Moxes, be sure to visit our shop and sort for latest articles to see if the one card that you are looking for is already available for you?



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