New Arrivals: Alpha Mox Sapphire, FWB Dual Lands and a Liliana from Double Masters 2022!

Highlight: Alpha Mox Sapphire

We are only mentioning one card in our highlight section, but that card is worth the spotlight. We are of course talking about our Alpha BGS 8 Mox Sapphire. It's for sale right now, and you can take a closer look right here



Ladies Second

We actually have another really great highlight for you: Liliana, the Last Hope. It's the textured foil version from Double Masters 2022. Hopefully she can forgive us our rudeness, but the Mox had to come first.



A Selection of Goodies

Now that this week's King and Queen haven been presented, let's take a look at the rest of the nobility.

Waiting in line are Gilded Drake (LP) and Yawgmoth's Will (GD) from Urza's Saga together with a Revised Wheel of Fortune (PL).

The Chaos Orb (PO) from Unlimited is already drunk asleep in a corner. Typical.



Look Liliana, everything the light touches is our kingdom

We are ending our New Arrivals post this week with some lands. First, we have 3 Foreign White Bordered Scrublands (LP-EX) for you in store. Second (and last), we also got another Mountain from Arabian Nights (PL) ready to be sold! 

We hope you enjoyed this week's small collection of amazing cards. If the specific card you are looking for was not part of it, make sure to visit our shop and don't forget to browse our Sale section. Maybe you'll find the right deal for you?

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