New Arrivals: Complete Set Collectors' Edition, Beta Scrubland

Highlight: Complete Set Collectors' Edition

Let's get this week's new arrivals going with something special. Keep reading to learn what shiny new things we got for you.

CE or AC? Your Choice!

This is a fabulous opportunity for ... collectors (pun intended). It's not every day that we get our hands on a full set of something special, like this complete Collectors' Edition (listed as singles).


News: Beta Trifecta

Sure, one could say, Beta, Magic's second print run, is not actually newsworthy anymore. But the cards in the set are still great sights and we would love to find new owners for these goodies. Let us introduce you to our trifecta:


More from the CE: Duals

What would be a week without the game's most desired lands? Right, not much. These are in Near Mint condition and from Collectors' Edition as well. You can't go wrong with these for your Old School decks!

Check them out here.

This is not an Afterthought

We have not one, but two final contestants for your shopping cart space. A Near Mint CE Chaos Orb and a NM Sol Ring, from CE as well. What a sight for my sore eyes!

New arrivals