New Arrivals: Alpha Swords to Plowshares, Judge Rewards Promo and many LEDs

Highlights: Alpha Swords to Plowshares, Judge Rewards Promo Yawgmoth's Will and Lion's Eye Diamonds

We are kicking this week's New Arrivals off with a stunning Alpha Swords to Plowshares and a Judge Rewards Promo Yawgmoth's Will.
In addition to these two rarities, we've got three Lion's Eye Diamond for you – one NM in Portuguese and two EX in English! 

"Unlimited" Singles

The title was a bit misleading, but we've got some nice cards from Unlimited this time: PL Balance, PL Savannah Lions and LP Fork. If you are looking for other singles that aren't from Unlimited, we can offer you a new LP Shahrazad from Arabian Nights.
In case you need a bit more bling for your deck, our new arrivals include a beautiful foil Rhystic Study as well as a foil Japanese Battlefield Forge

The Duality of New Arrivals

We are never running out of Dual Lands and just to prove this to you, we got many more this week! Most of them are Foreign White Bordered or Black Bordered, so buckle up for some non-English beauties.

  • In Italian, Foreign Black/White Bordered we got: 4 Plateau, 2 Savannah, 1 Tundra and 2 Volcanic Island.
  • In French, Foreign Black/White Bordered, we have: 2 Bayou and 1 Badlands.
  • In German, Foreign White Bordered, we can offer 2 Savannah.
  • If you are interested in Revised Duals, we got some LP Tundras for you! 
New arrivals