Fresh Goods: Alpha Clone & Royal Assassin, Beta Beauties and a Boatload of Duals from Revised, FFB, IE and CE

Highlights: Alpha Clone & Royal Assassin, Beta Llanowar Elves & Word of Command

Before we get to the ton of lands we got to offer, we are presenting you with these goodies: Royal Assassin and a Clone from Alpha as well as Beta Llanowar Elves, Word of Command, Gaea's Liege and three Black Vise!

Land Ahoy!

Our loyal customers know that we never run out of Dual Lands, but if you need to be convinced even more, here is what came in just this week:

8x Savannah

8x Taiga

7x Underground Sea

6x Tundra

3x Volcanic Island

3x Scrubland

3x Badlands

2x Tropical Island

1x Bayou

1x Plateau

A total of 42 Duals from Revised, Foreign Black Bordered, White Foreign Bordered, International Edition and Collector's Edition! 

Don't Stop Me Now!

Since we already mentioned International Edition, here's what else is new on that front: We got three Swords to Plowshares (all Near Mint), a Timetwister in GD, a Mox Jet in EX and a Sol Ring in LP. 

That's it, folks?! 

If you are real hungry for more news, the last cards on the list are a French Wheel of Fortune (FFB) with just a slight bent and a German Mana Vault (FFB) in good condition! 

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