New Arrivals: Library of Alexandria, Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Highlights: Library of Alexandria, Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Our first highlight land is a LP Library of Alexandria from Arabian Nights. This beauty should not be missed from any collection.

Our second highlight land this week is an Italien Legends The Tabernacle of Pendrell Vale (Condition: GD). Can you spell: Il Tabernaclo della Velle di Pendrell?

You can see in the picture below, that we also added a gorgeous EX City of Brass.

Mishra's Factory Four Seasons Set

It's the final season of the year and Winter might not be everyone's favorite, but it's my favorite version of the Mishra Four Seasons cycle. Even better looking than the individual card is the whole playset. Look at the picture below. There's no argument they're looking stunning together.

We stocked the following versions of the card:

Revised Dual Lands Restock

You know it is a good week when you see new, Revised dual lands being uploaded. There's a lot to like about the numerous duals we have added this week. I bet you can find the one that's missing from your EDH or Commander deck:

Selected Antiquities Delights

We have a couple of additions to our Antiquities offer this drop. Great if you still have a hole or too in your full set or if you are into old cards (who isn't right?):

Admirable Foils

Nothing's wrong with adding a little bling to your decks. Good news, we got you.  Promos like a Firday Night Sword to Plowshares EX, or a Junior Super Series City of Brass GD and Player Rewards Wasteland EX will never disappoint in the shiny department.

Arena League Promos are cool as well. Right? I mean, look at that Enlightened Tutor EX and the OG Karn, Silver Golem GD.

Zendikar Expedition lands are stunners. We couldn't help ourselves and buy a couple of them for you. Misty Rainforest EX and Polluted Delta GD are new this week.

Other highlights from this week's drop are:

Arabian Nights bring you a Drop of Honey GD and an Erhnam Djinn LP from Arabian Nights. 

Copy Artifact EX and Demonic Tutor GD from Unlimited have been uploaded by our sales team as well.

We also did upload numerous Reserved list staples. You can find them here.

Great for Old School buffs

Still missing that draw seven in your Old School deck? A Collectors' Edition Wheel of Fortune EX and an International Edition Time Walk PL are here to change that.
New arrivals