New Arrivals: Spectacular Amount of Tolarian Academies and Lake of the Dead

Highlights: Lake of the Dead and Tolarian Academy

Lake of the Dead and Tolarian Academy are now part of our High-End inventory, which means you can now buy over 30 Lake of the Dead and over 25 Tolarian Academies straight from our Online Shop! 



Not only that, but you can now get your hands on three new Full Sets! This time they are from Mirage, Alliances and Urza's Legacy.


Supreme Legends & Other Old School Cards

If you are looking for the right Legend, this is your time to get them! These are all new in store and will probably only enjoy a short stay:



Not only Legends this time! From Alpha we've got an Uthden Troll and even better, from Revised you can get a great Wheel of Fortune and from Unlimited a Serra Angel!

Oh, and a signed Aladdin's Ring (previous owner: Ydwen Efreet): An excellent wedding proposal accessory! If that's not the right time, at least buy her some... Su-Chi (or Gaea's Avenger)?


More Amazing Reserve List Cards

We've got more recent Reserve List cards as well. Get comfortable, it's a list:


Survival of the Fittest

Sliver Queen
Mox Diamond

2 Intuition
3 Earthcraft

Urza's Legacy
2 Grim Monolith

Urza's Saga
Gilded Drake
Yawgmoth's Will
Serra's Sanctum



It's Time For The Dual Land

You read that right, only one Dual Land this time. It's a great one, though and worth its own space:



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