New Arrivals: Japanese Time Warp, Demonic Tutor and Reserve List Cards

Highlights: Mystical Archive Time Warp and Demonic Tutor

Today we got some very special cards from Strixhaven's beloved Mystical Archive for you, in Japanese! The foiling on these cards is different from the ones pulled out of Collector Boosters. You can get them only from Japanese Draft or Set Boosters, which makes them especially rare.

In this specific case, we are talking of course about Time Warp (NM) and Demonic Tutor (NM), two of the most beloved cards from Mystical Archive.

What makes these two cards so important is, that they are not only Commander staples but also drawn by two famous Japanese artists, Nanahara and Okazu.




Fitting the theme of Japanese cards, you can also buy a Japanese Alternate-Art Narset, Parter of the Veils (NM) from us again! 


Back to (Old-)School

If you are interested in something older, but less shiny, we got exactly the cards for you!


First off, are two Alpha cards in great condition


Next are Legends, also looking very fine:


What else is new in Oldschool? From Arabian Nights, we got a Serendib Djinn (LP) and a Khabal Ghoul (PL). The last two cards are two signed Psionic Blasts (GD - EX) from Unlimited!




Invest Now: Buy Reserve List Cards

We can help you with that! This week you can buy many fantastic cards from the Reserve List, that might make the one or other Commander and Legacy player really happy: 


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