New Arrivals: New Arrivals: FBB Birds of Paradise, Revised Duals and Reserve List Cards!

Highlight: FBB Birds of Paradise and Beta Vesuvan Doppelganger

We are going to start this week's New Arrivals off with a mixture of different rarities. First are three Beta cards: Vesuvan Doppelganger (EX), Sol Ring (PL) and Crusade (NM).


Next is a very special bird, that's near and dear to all of our hearts: A Fourth Edition Foreign Black Border Birds of Paradise (GD) in Portuguese.

This one Bird is not available in German or English! That's because back in the days, the first printing of each newly added language was printed with black borders. 



Can't mention our highlights without some Unlimited cards! This time, you can get your hands on five hot newcomers: 

Italian Legends and Arabian Nights

You can now also buy newly added cards from Legends and Arabian Nights directly from our online shop.

From Arabian Nights we've got a signed Serendib Efreet (PL) as well as Khabal Ghoul (GD) and Diamond Valley (PL).

The Italian Legends list is a bit longer:


It's Time to "Dual"

Like every week, we've got new Dual Lands for you in store! This time that means two FBB Duals: Taiga (LP) and Tundra (LP).

The other Duals are all from Revised:


High-End Reserve List Goodies

Here's a great list of Reserve List cards to check out! We've got different amazing staples from great editions ready to go for you:


Urza's Saga






Ending with a Shiny Finish

The category of this week's New Arrivals is all about foils. There aren't many, but each one of these four foils is a sight to behold. Get them while they are still sparkling:

Urza's Destiny

Urza's Legacy


From the Vault: Relics


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