New Stock: Alpha and Beta Dual Lands, Beta Mox Ruby and so much more!

Highlights: Alpha Duals, Alpha Winter Orb, Alpha Time Vault, Alpha Mana Vault and more Alpha

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Got Alpha?

The title already spoils the surprise a bit, but anyhow: We got our hands on a lot of Alpha cards this week! The selection is really versatile and ranges from Dual Lands (4x Scrubland, GD-EX) to 4x Swords to Plowshares (LP-NM). We also got 2x Winter Orbs (GD-EX) and a Mana Vault (EX) as well as a Time Vault (GD) for you! 

Other Alpha cards we got are: Fastbond (LP), Disrupting Scepter (PO) and Control Magic (EX)

After One Comes Two

Not only did we get many Alpha cards, we can also offer you a few new Beta cards! Most notable are a Mox Ruby (PO), a Gauntlet of Might (LP) and a Forcefield (LP). 

If you are interested in more beautiful Dual Lands, we also have some from Beta: 4x Tropical Island (LP-EX) and 2x Bayou (GD).


Two... Unlimited! 

We "only" got two cards from Unlimited for you this week, but they are worth it: A Mox Sapphire (GD) and an Ancestral Recall (LP).

If these are not the Unlimiteds you are looking for, maybe take a look at the rest of our Unlimited cards in our shop?


No Singles, Only Full Sets

If you don't waste your time with singles and are going straight to set collection, we also got two new full sets for you! A Full Set of Italian Urza's Destiny (EX-NM) and a Full Set of Fifth Edition (NM).

That's all for this week's New Arrivals. Don't forget: Our Free Shipping Promotion ends with July, 1st! Be sure to pick up the cards you need by then, you can even preorder Double Masters 2022 and get the Free Shipping Deal if you preorder in June! 

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