New Arrivals Drop: Many FBB Duals, new Alpha & Beta cards and Foil Staples!

Highlights: Alpha & Beta Variety

We are starting this week's New Arrivals with a few fantastic cards from Alpha and Beta. First, we'll begin with the three Alpha cards, which are two Flashfires (LP - GD) and one Glasses of Urza (LP). Did you know that they messed up Douglas Shuler's name on the Glasses? In Alpha and Beta his name is falsely stated as "Douglas Schuler", and that not only on Glasses of Urza but on every one of Shulers cards!

Some of the new Beta cards are in amazing conditions, such as our Near Mint Sinkhole (also new in PL) or the Near Mint Lightning Bolt! There is also an EX Dark Ritual and an EX Llanowar Elves from Beta new in store for you. Waiting for a Beta Magical Hack? Well, we got one in Good! 

Old school Staples

Don't buy all those Beta cards, yet! We still have some more strong cards to show you. You can also get an Unlimited Word of Command (PL) or two Illusionary Masks (GD), also from Unlimited. 

Or maybe you still need that Drop of Honey for your collection? Good thing our New Arrivals is also a New Arrivals Drop, of Honey! It's Light Played, sorry for the bad pun. 

The next card from our Old School category is a Near Mint Demonic Tutor from Collectors' Edition. Near Mint CE cards are pretty rare, since the corners get damaged pretty quick!

The last card is a new, Revised Wheel of Fortune. From Old School to Commander, Wheel of Fortune is the best red can do when it comes to draw spells. 

More Old school cards further down this list:



The Dark

Need More Dual Lands?

Did you know we get new Dual Lands (almost) every week? Well this week is no different! Not only did we get Revised Duals, but we also got FBB Dual Lands in the last minute before posting our New Arrivals! Check them out:

Foreign Black Bordered

and one Copy Artifact (PL).

Foreign White Bordered

The Revised lands are also a sight to behold and a great budget option for anyone who is not yet ready to pimp their deck with the black bordered cards! 


    From Old Cards To Shiny Foils

    There are plenty of new Foils in this week's New Arrivals, so if you are waiting to pimp your deck, now is the chance to get cards you need:

      Tales From The Reserved List

      Very much like our new Dual Lands, we get new High-End Reserved List cards almost every week! That means, if you are looking for a specific card, chances are it might pop up one day or the other. 

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      A Barrage of Mirage

      We've got four Sealed Mirage Boosters for you new in store! Not exactly a barrage, but we don't see these old boosters that often anymore.


      New arrivals