New Arrivals Drop: Power Nine, Alpha Goblin King and Kaladesh Inventions

Highlights: Full Unlimited Power

This week, we are taking out the big guns again. The title already spoils it, but we have a full new set of Power Nine cards for you, including the Lotus!

That means all the Moxen: Mox Emerald (EX), Mox Jet (LP), Mox Pearl (PL), Mox Ruby (GD) and Mox Sapphire (EX).

That means all the OP blue cards: Ancestral Recall (EX), Time Walk (PL) and Timetwister (EX).

And that means: The Black Lotus in GD condition! Have a good look at this beauty: 

Other noteworthy cards from Unlimited are an EX Chaos Orb and a GD Time Vault.

What About A Second Highlight?

Don't worry, we got you! Our second highlight of the week are two Alpha cards. One of them is a CGC 8 and also royalty: Goblin King! The other one is the fan favorite Earthbind (GD).

    Treasures From Arabian Nights 

    If you are looking for the right card from Arabian Nights, then this is the moment! You can get almost every useful card from ARN this week, including a Library of Alexandria (PL) and the most expensive Mountain (EX) in Magic's history!

    Here's the full list:








    Old Legends, New Legends

    The situation for Legends is similar to Arabian Nights. Many good new cards from Legends! Maybe you'll get yourself that Tabernacle after all? Check them out:









        Antiquities and Revised

        We don't have as many Antiquities and Revised cards, that's why these two are teaming up this week. But don't let that fool you, there are still many great cards for you to buy. For example, every Mishra's Factory in Near Mint!



        Foreign Black Bordered

        Kaladesh Inventions and Other Foils

        In this week's New Arrivals drop, you can get many foils, especially Kaladesh Inventions like Mox Opal or Chalice of the Void. Let's have a look:

        Kaladesh Inventions

        Amonkhet Invocations

          Our other high-end foils are not as easy to categorize:

          We've got a few amazing box toppers from Ultimate Masters like Liliana of the Veil (NM) and Cavern of Souls (NM) as well as a Zendikar Expedition in the form of a Polluted Delta in GD.

          That's not all! If you want old border foils, an Akroma, Angel of Wrath EX, a Bribery EX or an Eighth Edition Japanese Birds of Paradise EX might tickle your fancy? 

          If all these cards are not what you are looking for, then we still have foil Fetchlands. Everybody needs Fetchlands! Two Wooded Foothills (LP - GD), two Windswept Heath (GD - EX) and one signed Breeding Pool (EX).

          A Quick Look At The Reserve List

          The title says it all, let's have a quick look what's new: 4x Grim Monoliths (PL - GD), a Lake of the Dead (EX), 4x Tolarian Academy (PL - GD), a Sliver Queen (PO) and a City of Traitors (GD)

          Full Sets And Sealed Product

          We've got four new Full Sets for you this week, which makes collecting sets a very easy hobby: 

          In case you want to try and collect the sets by ripping boosters, we also have two older ones on sale right now: One Legends booster (who survived the Dominaria United purge) and an Urza's Saga booster!

          New arrivals