New Arrivals: Beta Meekstone, Dual Lands, 30th Anniversary Edition

Highlight: Beta Meekstone

Dual lands are definitely the main draw this week, if we go by the sheer numbers. But we'd like to start with a couple of special cards that got sold to us recently. 

One of them is a Meekstone in Excellent condition from Beta. Looking for other cards from Magic second print run ever? Just follow this link!

Meekstone - Beta

30th Anniversary Edition

We promised you lots duals, and we'll get to that in a second. Before, we'd like to feature two new arrivals from the celebratory 30th Anniversary Edition. Both are in Near Mint condition and fittingly, one of them is a dual land:

Magic Dual Lands and 30th Anniversary Edition Cards

    Dual Lands

    A major focus this time around is on dual lands from Revised. Before we get to the English ones, we can offer you a gorgeous PL Underground Sea in French. You want more? Sure, let's take a look at all the Revised lands we got in:

    And that's just the ones that arrived this week. We are sure you can find whatever version and condition you are looking for in our stock. If not, well, next week is another week and another chance!

        The High-End Reserved List

        This week new in is a lone English Gaea's Cradle (EX) and an English language playset of Lion's Eye Diamond from Mirage in various conditions:

          Lion's Eye Diamond, Gaea's Cradle, Tangle Wire, Thoughtseize, Dark Depths

          High-End Foils

          Welcome the new additions to the foil section of the page. I bet they won't stay long: Thoughtseize (NM) from the Time Spiral Remastered: Extras, a Dark Depths (EX) from Coldsnap and an OG Nemesis Tangle Wire in French (PL) wait to be picked up by you.

          New arrivals