New Arrivals: High-End Foils, Unlimited Tropical Island, Reserved List

Highlight: Unlimited Tropical Island

Our focus will not be Dual Lands this week. Nonetheless, the Dual of the week made is our highlight because it's just such a great one: An Unlimited Tropical Island! What makes this even better is, that it's in Good condition.


Our other Duals are all from Revised, except for a FWB Underground Sea (German - GD):

Also from Revised: An Excellent Wheel of Fortune.

Vintage Goods

We are moving on from that beautiful Tropical Island to our other new inventory from the years 1993/1994. There is one more Unlimited card to admire: Copy Artifact (EX)

We are skipping Arabian Nights (for this time) and going straight to Antiquities with a Good Transmute Artifact and to Legends with a Good Living Plane


    Main Topic: High-End Reserved List

    The biggest pile of cards comes directly from the likes of Exodus and Urza's Saga, the High-End Reserved List. We are starting with Exodus, which brings us a whole playset of City of Traitors (PL - GD). 

    Our other English Reserved List cards are:

    Then we have an Intuition (GD) from Tempest as well as three German cards from Urza's Saga: Gaea's Cradle (GD), Gilded Drake (GD) and Yawgmoth's Will (LP).


    Sealed Product of the Week

    Our sealed products this time are more Commander Decks! We have another two Vampiric Bloodlust decks and one Draconic Domination from Commander 2017 in sealed condition!

    Ending With Stars

    Our last few cards are the High-End Foils. There's exactly four here this time, each of them a hit

    That's not all: We also have three Near Mint Mana Crypts from Double Masters! 

        New arrivals