341 SUMMER SALE & New Arrivals: Total of 19 Power with Alpha Mox Ruby and Beta Black Lotus


Let's lead with the better news before we go on to the good news. The 341 Summer Sale is on and this is how it works:

Use the code 341SALE and get a 5% discount and free shipping on your order from our online shop!

Order minimum to qualify is €341 (that’s approx. $380). Promotion is live now and ends Monday, July 10, 23:59 CET. Exclusions are in-print sealed product, sale items, gaming supplies and event tickets.

Highlights: Beta Black Lotus and Alpha Mox Ruby

 “We have to stop here, this Power country.”

That's right, this week is full of new, amazing Power Nine cards for your deck and/or collection! The most precious of these items of great power are a Played Alpha Mox Ruby and a Beta Black Lotus

The other Power is from Unlimited, Collectors' Edition and International Edition:




Collectors' Edition

International Edition

Here's a closer look at those five flowers:

    More Alpha, More Beta, More International Edition

    Here are even more cards from Alpha, Beta and International Edition besides those beautiful P9 treasures:



      International Edition

        The Famous Trio That Came After

        Of course that means it's time for Arabian Nights, Antiquities and Legends! We have some fantastic cards from each set, some lands, like Library of Alexandria, Bazaar of Baghdad or The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, might be especially interesting for you this time:

        Arabian Nights



            Duals, Duals and Duals

            We are never running out of Dual Lands, and this time is especially juicy, with a total of 23 new Dual Lands. And they are all from Revised! 

                  High-End Reserved List and High-End Foils

                  We are putting these two categories together for now. Rest assured, it is quality over quantities for both this time:

                  High-End Reserved List

                    High-End Foils

                      Let's Be Nice To The New Guys

                      We are ending our New Arrivals with someone new, but we are pretty sure they don't need any introductions: Cards from 30th Anniversary Edition! 

                      We have paired them with four signed FBB Birds and some Beta cards to calm your nerves! In the future you can probably find the 30th Anniversary Edition cards together with our IE and CE newcomers. 


                      New arrivals