New Arrivals Drop: Playset Beta Bolts, All Revised Duals, LEDs and more

Highlights: Beautiful Beta Bolts

    We are hopping into this week's New Arrivals Drop head on with a full playset of Beta Lightning Bolts! They are in various conditions, but rest assured: None of these Bolts are Light Played or less.

    Have a look:

    As you can see, there are two Excellent Beta Lightning Bolts and two Good ones as well. These are the perfect condition if you intend to put them into one of your Old School decks and burn your opponents in style! 

      Duals? At This Time?! 

      That's right! We are already taking a look at our Dual Lands of the week. This time, that means: Every. Single. Revised. Dual! Each and every single one of them is new this week, which is pretty cool for Vintage and Commander players alike.

      You know what they say, “Every Commander players needs at least every Dual once!”

        (Oh wait! We also got one German FWB Volcanic Island? It's something!) 

          Diamonds, Snakes and Drakes

          Our High-End Reserved List cards of the week are led by a full playset of Lion's Eye Diamonds in Played to Excellent condition. That means you can get almost exactly the one you want for your Dredge deck! They are all English as well, there's no excuse to finally grab them. 

            The other two cards are a Sliver Queen (okay, it's not technically a snake, but sure looks like one) in EX and a Gilded Drake in GD. 

            If you want to be ahead of the curve for the upcoming Commander Masters decks, Sliver Queen is the only Sliver lord that is guaranteed to no get a reprint! 

              The End is Onslaught

              The very last item on our list this week is a full English set of Onslaught! Every thing is there: Fetchlands, Aggravated Assault, the (underrated) Cover of Darkness, Mana Echoes and all the other nostalgic cards from 2002!

                New arrivals