New Arrivals: Beta Duals, CE Power Nine, Library of Alexandria and Guardian Beast

Highlight: Beta Dual Lands

We are getting near the end of the year, but we are certainly not slowing down because of this! Our highlights this time are three Beta Dual Lands fantastic conditions: Two Tropical Islands (EX + NM) and one Badlands (EX).

Since we are already bragging about our newest Duals, let's also take a look at our newest Unlimited Duals! For the rest of the Dual Lands, check out the chapter further down the New Arrivals hole. 

Full Collectors' Edition Power Nine

Now that we have those pricey Duals out of the way, let's continue with actually affordable cards: Power Nine from CE! We got a full set this time, all of them in Near Mint condition, too. 

But wait, there are more CE cards where these came from. 

The Rest of the Duals

Alright, alright, let's have a look at the rest of our Dual Lands from this week. First off, we have the Collectors' Edition Duals. You can find them here and as you can see on their group picture, it's a beautiful bunch of almost only Near Mint cards! 

And then there's of course the Revised Duals like every week here at Three for One Trading! It's a total of 20 lands this time: Volcanic Islands, Underground Seas, Badlands, Tundras, Bayous, Taigas, Plateaus and Savannahs

And there are also a few Foreign White Bordered cards: Underground Sea (PL - French) and Tundra (LP, GD - Italian).

Selection of Old School Cards

We have exactly two Alpha cards for you this week: Copper Tablet (LP) and Ice Storm (PL). Our other Unlimited cards are a Jayemdae Tome in Near Mint as well as a Copy Artifact in Light Played.

For Arabian Nights, we got many great cards this week:

Then we have five Antiquities for you: Transmute Artifact (PL + GD), Argivian Archaeologist (EX), Power Artifact (GD) and Tawnos's Coffin (EX).

Lastly, we have the Legends! It's a mix of Italian and English Legends, so be careful when adding them to your shopping card:


Italian Legends


High-End Reserved List News

That's right! We skipped the High-End Reserved List category last week, but we are now back with a few great cards from it:

Foils at the End

We are ending the New Arrivals this week with foils, as is tradition! 

    Kaladesh Inventions

    Zendikar Expeditions


    New arrivals