New Arrivals: 12 Power Nine Cards, Alpha Lord of Atlantis and Unlimited Duals

Highlight: Beta & Unlimited Power 

Black Friday is over, but that doesn't mean we are going to stop selling cards anytime soon! That's why the highlights of the week are a total of 12 Power Nine cards.

To make this announcement even better: Three of these Power pieces are from Beta. Get yourself a Beta Mox Sapphire (NM), Beta Time Walk (LP) or Beta Mox Ruby (LP) as long as you can! 

Of course, we're also still getting new Unlimited Power. This time that means:


Single Alpha Lord of Atlantis

That's right, the only card from Alpha this week is a single Lord of Atlantis, and let me tell you ladies, this one is a beauty! We are talking about a Near Mint Lord of Atlantis here:


A Pile of Signed Beta Cards

In addition to our Beta Power, you can get many signed Beta cards as well! It's a total of 22 signed cards, among them are Birds of Paradise (LP, SIGNED), Howling Mine (EX, SIGNED), Royal Assassin (PL, SIGNED) and even a Force of Nature (EX, SIGNED). 

For a full list of all the signed Beta cards, click here!

The non-signed Beta cards are the following: Badlands (EX), Cockatrice (EX - NM) and Psionic Blast (LP).

      Unlimited Singles in Your Area

      We have many new Unlimited Duals for you, but more about that further down the New Arrivals hole. First we are going through our other Unlimited singles of the week:

      Taking the Bus to the Old School

      We are continuing our trip to Old School and Vintage with two Library of Alexandria in Good condition as well as two Triskelions (PL) from Antiquities, one of which is even signed!

      Then we have a full playset of Erhnam Djinns (PL, LP, GD) and City of Brass (PO - PL) for you.

      If you are on the hunt for true Legends, rest assured, we have them too. In true Legends fashion, the highlights are a Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (GD) and a Chains of Mephistopheles (NM) as well as The Abyss (PL - LP).

      A lot of the other Legends are also in Near Mint condition, get them and protect them:

      And then there's Italian Legends with another Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (NM) as well as another two The Abyss (NM) and one Eureka (EX).

      Promised Dual Lands

      As promised, we are getting to the Unlimited Duals. There's 12 of them and they are getting accompanied by German Foreign White Bordered Duals.


      FWB (German)

      Light at the End of the New Arrivals

      We are ending our New Arrivals with foils and something pretty special. First of we have a full playset of foil Tarmogoyf in NM for you.

      Then there's a foil Bloodstained Mire (EX) from Onslaught as well as an Academy Rector (NM) from Urza's Destiny. Next up are two Yawgmoth's Will (GD - EX) from Urza's Saga and a foil Mox Diamond (NM) from From The Vault.

      The last product we have for you is a full set of the lovely black foils from the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 promos! They are still sealed and therefore in pristine condition.

      New arrivals