New Arrivals: Alpha Copy Artifact, Beta Lord of the Pit and more!

Highlights: Alpha Copy Artifacts and Beta Lord of the Pit

We only got two Alpha cards this week, but they are coming in hot: Two Copy Artifacts in PL conditions! Great and playable Alpha cards, what do you want more? 

The other highlight is a Beta Lord of the Pit (PL). It has seen some love back in the days and is now looking for a new owner. Maybe you can take care of it? 

What about Unlimited?

We didn't forget about Unlimited, either. Most of these cards deserve a spot in the spotlight, among them are Dual Lands and other good stuff:

    Collectors' Edition & International Edition

    We are hoping from the first editions of Magic to the first collectible editions of Magic: Collectors' Edition and International Edition! Who knew they wouldn't be the last of their kind? 

    Collectors' Edition

    The Collectors' Edition pieces of this week are all in fantastic conditions. They are all Near Mint and two of them are even PSA graded (Natural Selection and Copy Artifact)!

      International Edition

      If you thought that Collectors' Edition setup was good, just check out the Internation Edition of this week!

      More Cards From 93/94

      And now we are back on track with our regulars, continuing with Antiquities, Arabian Nights and Legends!

      Arabian Nights


      The Dark


      Italian Legends

      Reserve List Never Gets Old

      Or maybe it does, some day? Anyhow, we've got you covered if you need anything from MTGs Golden Era!





      Urza's Destiny

      Urza's Legacy

      Urza's Saga

      More Fun, More Foils

      We don't have many highend foils this week, but they are worth their place in our New Arrivals section:

      Where Are The Duals?

       The Dual Lands are here, like they always are on Wednesday! This time you can get new Foreign Black Bordered and Foreign White Bordered Duals, some of them Near Mint! 

      Foreign Black Bordered

      Among our FBB Duals are also two non-Dual cards: Two Copy Artifacts (again) in LP and GD condition!

      Foreign White Bordered

      One Full Set, Please

      Coming right up, sir! We've this wonderful Near Mint Portal set new on sale. Excellent vintage. 

        New arrivals