New Arrivals Drop: BGS Arabian Nights Cards, Revised Duals and Foils

Highlights: Arabian Nights X Beckett

Are you still missing some Arabian Nights cards for your collection? How about some graded Arabian Nights cards, then! These are our highlights of the week and not only are they graded, they are all a BGS 9 or above:

      More Collectibles From The Past

      If you want to play with your cards instead, we have some sweet collectibles that you can put into regular sleeves as well. One of those is a Chaos Orb (PL) from International Edition. The other cards are all Mishra's Factory (PO - PL) from Antiquities, Version 1 to 3! 

      Cheap Dual Lands 

      That's correct, we also have great high-end cards at lower prices! Some of these are in this week's New Arrivals, more concrete: Revised and FWB Duals!


        Foreign White Bordered

        Reserve Money Some For The List

        We are adding of course more beloved Reserve List staples to our New Arrivals. That means two City of Traitors (PO + GD), two Lion's Eye Diamond (GD + NM), three Serra's Sanctum (LP - EX) and one lonely Sliver Queen (PO).

          Upgrade With Some Bling

          To end this week's New Arrival Drop, we've some great foils new on sale! Some playable, some collectable: 

          New arrivals