New Arrivals: Unlimited Power, Black Lotus, NM Library & Alpha Cards

Highlights: Unlimited Power Nine

Our highlight section is this time full of P9 cards, which means all the other goodies need to take a step back! This time around it's all about Unlimited again, we have got them almost all:

As you can see, it's the perfect time to start your Unlimited Power Nine collection OR "just" upgrade your collection with a few Near Mint Power pieces! 

More Unlimited, Beta and Alpha

Power Nine are not the only cards from Unlimited this week! You'll be happy to hear that we also got some new Unlimited Duals as well as exactly one Beta cards and many new Alpha cards, including a NM Lightning Bolt.




Alone at Night in the Library

From Arabian Nights we have only two cards, but they are both very much worth mentioning: Ali from Cairo (PL) and a stunning Near Mint Library of Alexandria!

It's Time to Dual!

We are going down the Dual Land rabbit hole again, starting with a lot of Revised Duals, followed by some FWB and FBB Dual Lands. From Revised, we have also gotten another Wheel of Fortune (PL)!


Foreign White Bordered

Foreign Black Bordered

Goods From The Reserve List

We have a lot of new cards in stock from the Reserve List, all ahead are two NM City of Traitors, which are currently one of the most played cards in Legacy. We'll just start with Exodus and go through them all together:






Urza's Legacy

New arrivals