New Arrivals Drop: Near Mint Playsets of Gaea's Cradle, LED, Grim Monolith

Highlights: Everything Near Mint

There's no Power Nine this week, "only" full playsets of Near Mint Reserve List cards! They are all in English, Near Mint, and there are for of each. There's literally no excuse to wait on these, it doesn't get any better.

These are by far not the only Near Mint cards we have in store for you today. Another highlight, for example, is a NM Alpha Llanowar Elves and a NM Alpha Clone:

Legends Never Get(s) Old

We got many new Legends back in store. If you are not ready to get off the Near Mint bus, then you also not be disappointed:

    Together with these amazing Legends comes a playset of stunning Power Artifact (EX - NM) from Antiquities and two copies of the Singing Tree (EX - NM) from Arabian Nights.

    Can't Play Without (Dual) Lands!

    And therefore we have the right lands ready for when you need them. This time, our Dual Lands come almost exclusively from Revised, with one exception. That exception is a French Foreign Black Bordered Scrubland (LP).


      More Reserve List, More Foils

      We don't have only playsets for you, but also a few singles from the Reserve List. Most noteworthy are two Survival of the Fittest (EX - NM), as well as a Intuition (PL) and the good old Yawgmoth's Will (EX - NM).

      Two foils made it into this week's New Arrivals:

        New arrivals