New Arrivals feat. Spiel'23: Two Black Lotus, Serialized Cards, 140 Dual Lands

Highlight: Two Unlimited Black Lotus

Our team is back from the Spiel'23 in Essen, and they brought back many great new High-End cards. Among them, of course, a few Power Nine pieces. All ahead: Two Unlimited Black Lotus!

Here's all the Power:



Collectors' Edition


Alpha, Beta and Unlimited

Next up are all the other cards from Alpha, Beta and Unlimited. The biggest focus is this time on Beta, where we see many great playable staples for Old School!



    Let's put the Wheel of Fortunes from Revised also into this category! We have got new ones in Played to Good condition.

       Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends

      We are moving straight from ABU to AAL with a handful of fantastic cards. The spotlight being a graded BGS 8.5 Bazaar of Baghdad.

      Arabian Nights


          Italian Legends

          High-End Reserved List

          Stocking up on High-End RL cards from Essen! All our favorites are here: Mox Diamond, Survival of the Fittest, Sliver Queen, Grim Monolith, City of Traitors and all the other usual suspects.





                Urza's Legacy

                Urza's Saga

                  Over 140 Duals

                  The Spiel'23 was full of people who wanted to get rid of their Dual Lands. That means we have over 140 new Duals for you to pick and choose from. Here's the list:



                        Foreign Black Bordered - German

                        Foreign Black Bordered - French

                        Foreign White Bordered - German

                        Foreign White Bordered - French

                          Collectors' Edition

                          30th Anniversary Edition

                          From the 30th Anniversary Edition also comes a Will-o-the-Wisp (Version 2, NM)!

                              High-End Foils from the Spiel'23


                                Sealed Product and Full Sets

                                Last in our big Spiel'23 New Arrivals Drop are Full Sets and Sealed Product. There we have a pristine looking Starter Deck from Revised as well as a Sealed Booster Box from Dissensions.

                                Then we have something very special: two Full Sets Ampersand from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. One of them is Sealed and both of them are in Near Mint condition.

                                If you nave not heard of Ampersand before: They are unique foil versions of Mythic and Rare cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Each of these foils has a glossy D&D logo treatment on it. WPN Premium stores got a limited amount of these during the release of the set. 

                                New arrivals