New Arrivals Drop: Arabian Nights Highlights and High-End Foils

Highlight: Arabian Nights in Vienna

Winter is coming, but before that happens, we'll have some beautiful Arabian Nights right here in Vienna. You can be part of it, too! We got all the stars of Arabian Nights this week: Bazaar of Baghdad, Juzam Djinn, Library of Alexandria and all these other beauties:

New for Old School

Apart from Arabian Nights, we got many other Old School cards for you. All ahead are these Alpha cards: Blessing (LP, GD), Lifelace (PL), Web (PL, LP) and Helm of Chatzuk (GD).

Then we have of course some Antiquities for you, with the crown jewels being a Mishra's Workshop (EX) and a Candelabra of Tawnos (NM).

The last Old School card of the week is a Falling Star in Good from Legends


          High-End Reserved List

          The list is short for our High-End Reserved List cards this week! We got exactly four copies of Yawgmoth's Will (LP, GD, EX) for you! Will yaw' buy one? 


              Many New High-End Foils

                We got 29 new High-End Foils for you this time, with many top Kaladesh Inventions and Zendikar Expeditions!

                The Kaladesh Inventions are Chalice of the Void (EX), Chrome Mox (EX, NM), Lotus Petal (NM), Mana Crypt (NM), Mana Vault (NM), Mox Opal (NM) and Sol Ring (NM).

                The Zendikar Expeditions are playsets of each, Misty Rainforest (EX, NM) and Polluted Delta (EX). 

                Here are the other foils of this week:

                Sealed Product, Full Sets and MTG Rarities

                In our last category, we are presenting you with our newest Sealed Product, Full Sets and Rarities!

                Let's start with the Rarities: We have two new Mana Crypt, one of which is an old Harper Prism Promo (Version 2) and the other one is a new Double Masters Full Art Mana Crypt!

                Then we have exactly one sealed booster of Antiquities! Will it contain a Mishra's Workshop? Only the person who will buy this pack will know.

                Our last product of the week is a Full Set of The Dark (PL). Very affordable, amazing for admirer of The Dark arts!  

                New arrivals