New Arrivals Drop: Pro Tour Collector Set, Full Foil Planeshift Set, Alpha Drain Life, Sealed Booster Boxes

Highlights: Pro Tour and World Championship Decks 1996-1997

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This week, we are starting with Sealed Products because we got some very special ones in store for you. You can now be the proud owner of Paul McCabe's Deck from the World Championship 1997! He became semifinalist of the World Championship with his Izzet Aggro-Control deck, which included a full playset of Force of Will. 


Even more special is our Pro Tour Collector Set from 1996. Only 20'000 of these sets were printed, and who knows how many of them are still sealed! Now is the chance to get one and make sure it stays sealed.

The set includes the 8 decks from the Pro Tour 1996 finalists:

Michael Loconto (Blue-White Mill)

Notable cards: Strip Mine, Balance, Land Tax, Wrath of God

Eric Tam (Red-Green-White Weirding) 

Notable cards: City of Brass, Birds of Paradise, Balance, Land Tax

Bertrand Lestree (Green-White Armageddon/Erhnam Djinn)

Notable cards: Armageddon, Balance, Land Tax, Sylvan Library, Erhnam Djinn

Shawn "Hammer" Regnier (Blue-White Mill)

Notable cards: Balance, Land Tax, Wrath of God

Leon Lindback (Black Aggro Discard)

Notable cards: Strip Mine, Dance of the Dead, Necropotence, City of Brass

George Baxter (Black Aggro Burn)

Notable cards: City of Brass, Sulfurous Springs

Preston Poulter (Green-White Hurricane)

Notable cards: City of BrassArmageddon, Balance, Land Tax, Sylvan Library

Mark Justice (Red Artifact/Control)

Notable cards: City of Brass, Howling Mine, Balance

More Vintage Sealed Product

We are moving on to our non-gold bordered Sealed Products!

Firstly, we are having two German Fifth Edition Starter Deck Boxes as well as two Tempest Starter Deck Boxes (German and English).

    Onward to the Booster Displays!

    You can now get two Alliances Booster Boxes (English and German) as well as two German Booster Boxes: Tempest and Weatherlight. For the connoisseurs of our customers, we are also offering a French Renaissance Booster Box

    Older Singles Available

    We added a few great new singles to our inventory of Alpha, Beta and Unlimited cards.

    From Alpha, we are now offering a Drain Life (GD) and a Kormus Bell (LP).

    Our Beta inventory will be updated with the following cards:

    Unlimited “only” gets support from two Illusionary Masks (GD and EX).

    New Dual Land

    Phew, this is almost the first week we didn't have new Dual Lands for you. But only almost! We have one new FBB Taiga (GD).

    We are also adding a FBB Wheel of Fortune in GD, just to support this lonely Dual in this section.

    A Little Spark Left

    Since we are getting a new Sliver Precon with Commander Masters, you'll be happy to hear that we have a new English Sliver Queen (GD).

    The only single foil of the week is a stunning Flooded Strand (LP) from Onslaught, but we also have Foil Full Set of Planeshift cards (GD-NM)! That means foil Orim's Chant, foil Diabolic Intent, foil Eladamri's Call, foil Lord of the Undead, foil Meddling Mage and many, many more. 

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