New Arrivals Drop: Alternate Fourth Editon Starter, Revised Duals & Reserved List

Highlights: Reserved List Restock

We always have a great selection of Reserved List cards, but this time we restocked big on the most wanted cards.

That means: Sliver Queen, City of Traitor, Mox Diamond and more are now available in bigger numbers and in fantastic quality!

Especially the Sliver Queens are very popular right now, since the Commander Masters Sliver Deck has been announced by Wizards of the Coast recently. 

Here's a rundown of all the new Reserved List cards:

Alternate Fourth Edition Starter

Now that's something you don't see every day: A sealed Alternate Fourth Edition Starter!

These Starter Decks were printed in a limited print run by The United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) and it is believed, that it is the first attempt to print Magic cards in the US. They are also the only cards printed by USPCC and the Decks have been marked for destruction.

The Alternate Fourth Edition Starter Deck is almost identical with the regular Fourth Edition Starter Decks. The only way to identify a Sealed Deck is by their ISPN number. 

    Dual Restock

    Last week we only had one new Dual Land, which we are making up for this time! We have a big amount of new Revised Duals this week. Their conditions are all over the place, which means there's a card for every wallet: 

    That's not all, though! We are also adding a two new Foreign Black Bordered Duals to the mix. They are the cheapest alternatives to Alpha and Beta if you want black borders for your cards. The two Duals are: Scrubland (PO) and Badlands (EX). 

    If you'd rather have Foreign White Bordered Dual Lands, we also have newcomers from that category:

    The last white bordered Dual Land of the week is from Unlimited. An EX Unlimited Tropical Island. What a treat! 

    Deals with Wheels

    If you haven't gotten yourself a Wheel of Fortune for your Commander or Oldschool deck, then now's a pretty good chance for that. Pick your Wheel:


    Foreign White Bordered

    Foreign Black Bordered

    Various Vintage News

    Besides those wonderful Wheels, other new vintage cards arrived this week in our store. Among them is an Unlimited Mana Vault (LP) as well as an International Edition Chaos Orb (EX).

    From Antiquities, we also added more Strip Mines of every version (1-4) and another Version 2 of Mishra's Factory (GD). 

    Mini Highlight: Italian Legends

    We've got a few fantastic new Italian Legends back in store, feast your eyes on these: 

     No Fooling Around With Foils

    This time, we only got highly playable foil staples for you! This is what that means in card names:

    New arrivals