New Arrivals: FWB Special, Playset Gaea's Cradle, Sealed Booster

Highlights: Foreign White Bordered 

Normally we wouldn't include FWB cards in our Highlights, but this time is different: Each Foreign White Bordered Dual Land is now available in Near Mint and in German!

With the rising prices of Duals, FWB is a fantastic budget option for any Vintage and Commander player, so be sure to have a look at these fantastic lands in detail:

Not only that, but we also have an FWB Wheel of Fortune in NM for you this time!

More White Bordered

FWB isn't the only set with white borders and we made sure Unlimited and Revised would have something to contribute as well! From Unlimited comes a Berserk in Good and from Revised we have two Duals: Badlands (EX) and Underground Sea (PL).

The Shiniest Foils

We welcome two foil Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer (NM) into our High-End store, because honestly, that little monkey deserves it! 

He cried all night, which could mean two things: He's either hungry or lonlely. Since we don't have any 341 Food Tokens (yet), we decided to add more foils:

Not Done With The Reserved List

We are jumping back to the Reserved List with a few fantastic cards from Urza's Saga and a full playset of Gaea's Cradle in EX as well as one honorable mention from Tempest. Can you guess which one it is? 

Urza's Saga


Booster Fun

New in store are also a few amazing Vintage boosters! They are all in English and, of course, still sealed:

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