New Arrivals: Full Set IE Power Nine, a Tabernacle and Playset of Italian Mana Drains

Highlight: International Edition P9

We are happy to announce that we are now selling a full Power Nine set from International Edition! The cards are all in Near Mint condition, except for the Timetwister which is Excellent. In case you want to jump straight to your favorite Power Piece, here's the list:


Even the Black Lotus is in Near Mint, which is the cheapest version of a NM Black Lotus available right now, unless you count the Oversized Black Lotus, of course. The IE/CE cards are legal in many Old School groups and tournaments, so this is a very valid option if you want to get into it with a boost! 

Our other valuable new cards from International Edition are: 

No Pointy Corners For Me! 

No worries, we have other Vintage cards as well. This week that means a Black Vise (LP) from Beta and a beautiful Bazaar of Baghdad (GD) as well as a City of Shadows (NM).

That's only the tip! We have great new cards from Unlimited, Antiquities and Legends.




This time, Italian Legends are of course also part of the mix! You can get a full playset of Mana Drains (PO - NM) or the infamous Invoke Prejudice (PL) in Italian for only a fraction of the English prices! 

Dual Land Time

There aren't many this time, but they are fantastic if you are thinking about getting yourself Duals for the first time! We are of course talking about Revised Dual Lands, which are the best option for any budget deck:

Oh, and then there are of course the Near Mint Duals from International Edition as well as one FWB Taiga (GD).

    Foils and Portal Three Kingdoms

    The foils of the week are a Steam Vents (PO) from Guildpact and an Imperial Seal (NM) Judge Reward Promo! If you'd rather have the real Seal, we also got a NM Imperial Seal from Portal Three Kingdom.

    Imperial Sealed Displays

    Unfortunately we don't have any Portal Three Kingdom Sealed Product right now, but we have other amazing Sealed Displays for you:

    New arrivals