New Arrivals: Mox Ruby, Library of Alexandria, Foil Wheel and over 50 Duals!

Highlights: Unlimited Mox Ruby

Our highlight of the week is a stunning Mox Ruby from Unlimited in Played condition. That's not the only heavy weight from Unlimited, though! The others are a Light Played Time Vault as well as a Played Mana Vault and a Played Berserk

What Was Before Unlimited? 

Alpha and Beta, of course! We have three fantastic new Alpha cards for you: Meekstone (PL), Personal Incarnation (LP) and Deathlace (GD). 

And let's not forget about the Beta cards. It's a bit more than Alpha, with a few very playable Old School staples among them:

 A Library, Artifacts and Legends

We have a new Library of Alexandria in Good condition, as well as a full playset of Transmute Artifacts from Antiquities (PL-EX). That's not all: A new Power Artifact in NM also just arrived this week as well!

The Legends of the week are also nothing to frown about! There are two The Abyss (EX-NM) and two signed Moats (PL-LP). On top of that, we have from Legends:

Italian Legends are also trying to get into the spotlight with a Near Mint Chains of Mephistopheles and a Good Nether Void!


Duals, Duals, Duals

Next up are the Dual Lands! And what can we say... A total of 59 wonderful Duals found their way to us and are now looking for their next proud owner! Let's see what we got, starting with Unlimited:



FWB (Italian)

FWB (German)

Beside of this huge amount of Dual Lands, we also have a Foreign Black Bordered Birds of Paradise (PO) in Italian and four Revised Wheel of Fortunes (PL-GD).

Did Someone Say RL Staples?

We have some great high-end cards from the Reserved List for you this week. Let's take a look at them!




Urza's Saga

Serialized Retro Promo Foils

We have one of each for you: One serialized foil, one retro foil and one promo foil, and they are all very much worth to show-off!


New arrivals