New Arrivals from MagicCon Barcelona: Power 9, Promo Lord of the Pit, Duals

MagicCon Barcelona 2023 Highlights

Our team had a fantastic time at the first ever European MagicCon in Barcelona. You can learn more about our time at the event here.

Of course, our buyers have been very busy all weekend, hence we have over 250 new cards with a retail value of over 150.000 Euro new in for you.

Unlimited Power Nine

Always intriguing are new power pieces. We managed to purchase 10 different Moxes (5 Emerald, 2 Pearl, 1 Ruby, 1 Sapphire, 1 Jet) along with an Ancestral Recall.

Unlimited Power Nine

We picked up a couple more highlights from Unlimited, including a Shivan Dragon, a couple of Birds of Paradise, a playset Nevinyrral's Disk, some duals and a few more.

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Serialized Lord of the Pit Promo Cards

We were able to acquire thirteen copies of the event exclusive, limited to 295 copies, Lord of the Pit promo card.

Serialized Magic Cards

Eight are still sealed in their envelope, and the other five have the following serial numbers:

Alpha & Beta

Back to a more classic look and feel of the game. Demonic Tutor from Alpha is the only card from the earliest set of the game, but it's a highly sought after one.

Moving to Beta: Dark Ritual into Hypnotic Specter is a mainstay in Magic since the early days. We not only have a playset of this haunting creature, but we also have a couple of answers in the form of Swords to Plowshares ready for you.

If you want to spoil yourself and your Commander deck, we also managed to pick up a beautiful Beta Timetwister PL in Spain.

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Arabian Nights

A night at the… Library. Why not? Among the newest members of this online shop are two copies of Library of Alexandria. Juzam Djinn is also here, if you need him.

These are only the standouts, but we do have more nice stuff from the first expansion set that found its way online today here.


Staples from the artifact-themed second expansion set that we have fresh in today are Argivian Archaeologist, Transmute Artifact and Candelabra of Tawnos.

That's not all, so please be so kind and check out all the new Antiquities here


Highlights from the set include a Moat, a playset of Mana Drain, Mirror Universe, a whooping six copies of Sylvan Library.

High-End Reserved List

The usual suspects can be found in this category. Ten Mox Diamonds, two Gaea's Cradle and playset of City of Traitors stand out from the new arrivals. No question, they won't be available for long.

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IE, CE & 30th Anniversary Edition

Budget power? Well, something like that. These sets are hugely popular in the Old School 93/94 community, because they provide players with copies of the Power Nine at an unbeatable price. Check out what we got for you:

Collectors' Edition

International Edition

30th Anniversary Edition

This being quite the new set, we are slowly adding new cards from it to the page. Today, we did upload a Mox Jet.

High-End Rarities & Foils

These are some truly special cards for a special someone. Yes, we're talking about YOU. They make every binder and every deck, just a tad bit more … awesome.

Well, let's see if we have some bling for you today:


You thought we forgot about those coveted duals? These bread and butter cards of so many Magic decks and formats? Of course, NOT!

This time we uploaded 58 new dual lands from among Revised, Foreign White Bordered and of course Foreign Black Bordered for you.

New arrivals