Trade-Special & New Arrivals: Korean 4th Edition Black Bordered Booster Display


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Highlight: Korean 4th Edition Display

This week, we got something very special and very rare for you in our highlight's category: A Sealed Korean Fourth Edition: Black Bordered Booster Display!

That’s a mouth full, and it also certainly is full of beautiful Near Mint, Black-Bordered cards such as Birds of Paradise, Mana Vault, Sylvan Library, Winter Orb, Shivan Dragon, Land Tax, Mind Twist and many, many more Old School favorites!

Or, you know, just a fun draft experience.


More Sealed Product

Our other products from the Sealed category are more than 20 years apart from the Fourth Edition. We are talking about the precons from Commander 2017. Here we got the crème de la crème with Vampiric Bloodlust including the famous vampire Edgar Markov and Draconic Domination, helmed by The Ur-Dragon himself!

Always wanted to own one of these iconic decks yourself? Well, here’s your chance!


More Old School Cards

If you want to be sure to get a black-bordered Nevinyrral’s Disk, you can buy one directly instead of ripping that 4th Edition Booster Box. We got a BGS 9 graded Beta Disk for you right here!

Then there are also a few cards you won’t be able to get in Fourth Edition, such as Moat (EX) and Eureka (EG 9) from Legends or City in a Bottle (CGC 9) and Drop of Honey (CGC 7.5) from Arabian Nights.

And we also got a new Wheel of Fortune (GD) from Revised for you. This absolutely shouldn’t be missing in your red EDH or Old School deck!


More High-End Reserved List Cards

Now we are moving from 93/94 territory right into… well, let’s say Urza territory! There are always great cards in here, so let’s see what we got new this week:

There are of course also a few cards that are not from any Urza expansion. This time it’s a Mox Diamond (GD), a Lion’s Eye Diamond (GD) and a City of Traitors (GD).

One last card from Urza’s Legacy needs its own spotlight, because it is our only foil of the week: Radiant Archangel (NM).


More Special Cards

The last two cards are both Mana Crypts, but they couldn’t be more different! One Mana Crypt of them is a Harper Prism Promo (EX, Version1) and the other is a Special Guest Mana Crypt (NM)!


New arrivals